Earrings, Carnelian Agate Heart Cabochon, Wire Wrapped

Item number: SW44

Carnelian is a stone that represents warmth, fiery, life, vibrancy, strength, bravery, courage when speaking in public, and creativity. Its various hues are believed to hold specific meanings and properties, such as red carnelian for courage and strength, and orange carnelian for creativity and joy.

Heart is a happy heart filled with the culmination of the heart's desires. The love symbolized by the heart is joined with the energy of abundance and joy brought by the stone. This is a perfect vibration for those seeking to connect with the cosmos and make a mark on history.

All necklaces can be substuted for a differnt type and color, just leave instructions in confirmation when you check out or contact me and I can walk you thru what I have. Also, go to the necklace page and you can pick what you want, just give me a product number. No extra charge.