Pendant & Necklace Sun, Red Jasper w/glass beads. Copper wrapped.

Item number: SW151

This Red Jasper is from  alocal RI beach. 

The mental healing benefits of Red Jasper are truly remarkable. This stone has the ability to ward off negative energy and EMFs, strengthen the body, detoxify, clear the root chakra, balance emotions, and access inner power.

The sun is throughout history, the sun symbol has remained a powerful and universal representation of life, energy, and spirituality. Its presence in various cultures and belief systems showcases its enduring significance as a symbol of hope, renewal, and divinity.

All necklaces can be substuted for a differnt type and color, just leave instructions in confirmation when you check out or contact me and I can walk you thru what I have. Also, go to the necklace page and you can pick what you want, just give me a product number. No extra charge.